politics can even taint beer!


About two minutes ago, as I was wondering what I could possibly come up with to blog about today, I ran across a nice little article entitled “Beer choice at Obama meeting touches off new debate.” Apparently, according to a nosy Massachussets senator with nothing better to do — regardless of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the crappy economy (with a national unemployment rate of 9.7%..it’s something like 14% where I live), and an energy crisis — the three men involved in the Obama-Gates-Crowley meeting should not be able to drink their favorite beer as originally planned. Oh, no. That would be too simple. No, Rep. Richard Neal thinks these men should all be forced to drink Sam Adams because it is brewed in Boston and not outside of the US. Forget your Bud Light, Obama (even though it’s the most popular beer in America). You can throw out the Red Stripe, Mr. Crowley. And Professor Gates, can your Beck’s. Should we let people choose which beer to drink based solely on taste? Of course not! We wouldn’t want foreigners to get all that free publicity now would we? Damn you Belgium for brewing Bud Light!

Not only was this such a stupid story that CNN should never have bothered to publish it in the first place, but the fact that a senator is spending his time working in the advertising department of a beer company tells us that either we aren’t paying our representatives enough or that he’s a pathetic pawn to corporate lobbyists in his state…hmm. Now which of these sounds more probable? Well, at least he’s not f***ing some chick from Buenos Aires.

So, cheers, Mr. President! I hope your meeting solves all the racial tensions in our nation… But only if you’re drinking Sam Adams.



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2 responses to “politics can even taint beer!

  1. Rosetta Stone

    The media leaves a lot to be desired at times. I rather hear about the latest strides to improve technology or end world hunger or something that _helps_ humankind. I’d like less emphasis on the type of beer the president let into the White House or what celeb went shopping in LA today. Our world, and what it tends to focus on, makes itself an interesting place, that’s for sure.

    Anway, would you mind if I added you to my blogroll. I rather like what I’ve seen of your blog. 🙂

    • Agreed. You actually have to actively search for important, relevant news stories now. Our news agencies seem to have lost the ability to cull out pointless stories.

      Anyway, no, I’d love it if you added me! Thank you! 😀

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